Our Mission

To Change Lives and Heal Our World

Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church actively seeks to improve our congregational, local, and global community.

We encourage spiritual growth in a diverse congregation which respects the free and responsible expression of ideas. We covenant compassionate fellowship, provide a joyful environment that nurtures creativity, and collaborates with others to promote our values. We provide a vibrant life span program while promoting environmentally sustainable practices.


Our Vision

To be the most vibrant center of liberal religion at work in the world

Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church is a vibrant liberal religious home welcoming all people while advocating our Seven Principles in the Houston community and the world. Dedicated to religion, not to creed, Unitarian Universalists do not impose a list of doctrinal formulas upon our congregation.

Our Church regards love of all creation and the perfecting of our spiritual nature as the unchanging substance of our religion. We consecrate to these Principles with a reverence for truth, moral character and insight, helpfulness to humanity, and the spirit of communion with the Infinite.

All who are in sympathy with the simplicity and freedom of our religion are welcome to worship in fellowship at Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church.


Our Values



Respect & Compassion for People

Our mission and vision will be achieved by living according to our core values that speak to who and how we wish to be in the world.

Integrity – We keep our promises. Our relationships with each other, our communities and the wider world require that we live in accordance with our values and principles.
Stemming from the Latin “integer” meaning “whole, complete”, Integrity is our sense of “wholeness” such that everything we say and do – all of our actions and their motivations – derive from our core Values and qualities such as consistency of action, worthy of trust, honesty, truthfulness, authenticity, responsibility, accountability, discernment, and commitment.

We accept that integrity requires courage and we will not be silent or fail to act when our Values and Principles are threatened. We strive to live in accordance with our Unitarian Universalist convictions, understanding our greater purpose in the world.

Stewardship – We understand that our actions today sow the seeds for tomorrow. Through our words and deeds, we are building a heritage for future generations. We are all stewards accountable for the careful and responsible management of what has been entrusted to our care – our church and its mission and vision. We have the moral and ethical responsibility for the caretaking of our church, not only for ourselves, but on behalf of those who are not yet here. We have the responsibility for the survival and well-being of our valued church community and its broader purpose in the world. Our role as stewards extends beyond our financial and physical assets, to include our care for all of creation and the lives that we touch. Just as the tree we plant today will provide benefit for our children’s children, the life we touch today may be the one that changes the world of tomorrow.

Respect & Compassion – We believe in the inherent worth of all people. We honor diversity and work to nourish and sustain an inclusive environment. Our success is measured by how we include and treat each other, by the contributions that flow from our diversity, by the achievements of our community, and by the lives we change. We strive to treat people as they would like for to be treated. All living things in our world desire to live unharmed. We are saddened by the suffering of others and endeavor to widen our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of the universe.