Giving Overview

Our church community relies completely on the generosity of everyone who calls BAUUC their home.  We hope you are nurtured and challenged here, and that you are excited about the possibilities for the future of our faith and our community. And we hope that your excitement leads you to get involved at church, whether it is working with the children, attending a social justice rally, or planning a party.  In addition, we hope you will make a pledge of financial commitment to the church and its mission of “Changing Lives and Healing Our World.”

What is a Pledge?

A pledge is an annual financial commitment that we ask you to make every spring during our Stewardship Season. Stewardship Season starts in February and runs through March, and leads up to the preparation of the budget for the coming fiscal year which starts in July.  Our budget is based directly on the amount pledged by our members and friends each year.  Approximately 87% of the money we spend every year comes from pledges.

Why Pledge?

You may have your own reasons for pledging, but here are some reasons that we have heard from our members and friends. Some say that it feels good to support a community that they love and rely upon, and that promotes their values in the world.  Others say that they are committed to all of the other people in the church who pledge, and they want to do their part.  Still others are thinking about the future, wanting to make sure our beloved church is available to those who pass this way after they are gone.  Some people start off pledging because it is a requirement for membership at BAUUC but find that they continue pledging for some of the reasons above.

How Much Should I Pledge?

The answer to this question is very personal to each individual or family and depends on your financial resources and life situation. You are encouraged to be as generous as you can. Please see the Fair Share Contribution Guide from our Unitarian Universalist Association for information which may help you make your pledging decision.  At BAUUC, pledging is a requirement for membership, but no minimum is specified.  We encourage our congregants to give 5% of their income, if possible.  Our pledges range from about $50 per year to about $16,000 per year.  We currently have about 180 members, 125 pledging units, and total pledges for the 2022-2023 fiscal year of about $335,000.