Thank God for Drag

The art of American Drag is rooted in love, survival, resistance, and joy. In 21st century, it has grown to a multifaceted performance art that takes many forms, from campy, sometimes raunchy cabarets in the queer nightclubs that incubated it through the 20th century, to … read more.

Easter Sunday – Flower Communion

Join us for an intergenerational Easter service where we will celebrate Rebirth in many different forms. This will also be our special Flower Communion Service Sunday so be sure to bring a flower. After the service, children are invited to participate in an Egg Hunt, … read more.

Question Box

Ever wanted to ask a minister a question, but didn’t for one reason or another? Well, now’s your chance. There will be a Question Box out in the hall starting on April 1st. Write your questions down (anonymous or not) and on April 16th, Rev. … read more.