Speaker: Rev. Katie McQuage-Loukas

Spring Forward

Our multigenerational spring service celebrates the beauty of the earth and the potential contained in the heart of every seed. We will create wildflower seed balls to carry some of that beauty out into the highways and byways!

The Wonder of This World

We know the Unitarian Universalist humanists of the past century, the Transcendentalists of the century before that, and the Romantics that inspired them. All contributed to a profound love for this earth that is our home. Every tradition needs a mythic layer, the big story … read more.

Cultivating Our Dreams

Unitarian Universalists are Congregationalists – there is no outside authority to define our goals or dreams. But there is also no outside support to give us foundational resources! Our congregations are self-sustaining and self-directed. It’s all us, from top to bottom.  We are in the … read more.

That’s Not Fair!

Through stories and song, we will explore justice, equity, and fairness. What are the differences? What does it look like in practice? This multigenerational service has extra story time and a shorter reflection to engage across our age spectrum.

Love Will Guide Us

Is our love for one another a solid foundation for freedom and justice? Unitarian Universalism is saying yes and calling us to deepen our commitment to both justice and the power of our love.

Whose Justice?

We use the word like we know what it means, and as if we all agree on what it means. But we don’t! Different ways of seeing the world produce different ideals of justice, not all of which are compatible. Which version is ours? Does … read more.

Reproductive Justice Sunday

On the anniversary of Roe v Wade, we look back on the steady rollback of reproductive rights across the country, and particularly in our own state of Texas. How are we to respond as religious liberals? What does it look like to act from the … read more.

New Year…Same Me

In a world that says “Do more!” and “Improve yourself!” it can be a radical counter-cultural act to instead take care of ourselves. To be gentle and compassionate with ourselves, we must take the time to discover what we really need – not what the … read more.

Love Came Down at Christmastime

A Lessons and Carols Candlelight Services come sing your favorite carols to celebrate the peace and joy of the Christmas season! Bring your family and friends and join us in honoring the magic and wonder of the holiday at our traditional candlelight services. During the … read more.