Speaker: Rev. Katie McQuage-Loukas

Never the Same River

The only constant is change. We change, the world changes, all things change over time. As the wheel of the year holds poised in balance, just for a moment, think about needed changes. Think about what leaves you might shed, were you a tree. We … read more.

People of Promises

Unitarian Universalism is built on the promises we make to one another, but what is the ultimate end? We do not exist simply for ourselves, but as a promise to the world around us. Our chalice has many meanings, but it was born as a … read more.

Labors of Love

There are many forms of labor that receive little honor in today’s career focused world. Some of the most important work we will ever do is in building relationships, especially those that make up the heart of our communities. How do we turn this house … read more.

Water Communion / InGathering

Our annual Water Communion services will be an all-ages celebration of the milestones of our individual life journeys and how our stories mix and mingle in beloved community. Please plan to bring some water with you to church on Sunday, August 27 from a source … read more.