Speaker: Rev. Dan King

Ancient Wisdom for Today: Stoicism & UU

Nearly 1900 years ago, the most powerful person in Western society wrote a collection of Meditations. Did Marcus Aurelius and other Stoic philosophers leave us lessons that we can use as guides for living effective and virtuous lives? In this sermon, our Guest Minister, Rev. … read more.

When- NOT If?: Mortality Planning, Just in Case

 October is the month in which many of us focus on our connection with our ancestors and the sometimes harsh reality of death. In this service, our Guest Minister, Rev. Dan King, returns to share personal reflections about the reality of the five stages of … read more.

Embracing Our Improbable Mission: A UU Moon Shot?

Guest Minister Rev. Dan King returns to share reflections on the possible inspirations Unitarian Universalists might find in the first Artemis moon rocket launch. Rev. Dan King, lived as a young adult in Houston and Austin for a dozen years without experiencing any hurricanes or … read more.

Revolutionary Times

The opening sentence of Charles Dicken’s classic “Tale of Two Cities”, set in the time of the French Revolution is “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” Our Guest Minister, Rev. Dan King, shares reflections from the recent UUA General … read more.