Speaker: Rev. J Sylvan

LGBTQ Pride in 2023

In this time of anti-lgbtq backlash and legislation, what does it mean to celebrate Pride? Join Rev J Sylvan at their final BAUUC service as we find strength and hope to continue to live and love with passion and without fear.

The Failures of the Transcendentalist

Unitarian Universalist don’t have official saints, but Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Louisa May Alcott may unofficially qualify. We love to revere the wisdom and artistic achievements of the Transcendentalists, as well as the people themselves. But we sometimes forget that they WERE people. They experienced failures, they made mistakes. Let’s look at … Continue reading The Failures of the Transcendentalist

What Does “Unitarianism” Mean? Arian and the Council of Nicea

Unitarian Universalism became a religion in the 1960s, when Unitarianism and Universalism merged. But did you know that Unitarian ideas went back over 1500 years? Let’s take a look at the Council of Nicea, and how much things have (and haven’t) changed for people with unorthodox ideas since then.

The Power of Our Peers

Two Peer Support groups meet at Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church, NAMI and PFLAG. What is Peer Support, and why is it so important in our lives and ministry? Let’s look together at this important practice, and learn how we can all provide lateral support to our peers in difficult times.

Question Box

Ever wanted to ask a minister a question, but didn’t for one reason or another? Well, now’s your chance. There will be a Question Box out in the hall starting on April 1st. Write your questions down (anonymous or not) and on April 16th, Rev. J will answer them LIVE in the pulpit. No question … Continue reading Question Box

The Beauty Goodbye

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m terrible at goodbyes”? All transitions can be challenging, and transitions that involve the ending or changing of a relationship can be especially weighted. Saying goodbye can feel so difficult we may want to avoid it entirely. How can we approach saying goodbye in a way that honors and celebrates … Continue reading The Beauty Goodbye

Climate Change in Mythical Time

We like to say we live in “unprecedented” times due to climate change, but the idea of humans affecting the earth on a large scale is nothing new. We see stories of the earth responding harshly to human overreach in many mythologies, legends, and parables. What can they teach us in our current climate crisis?