Speaker: Rev. J Sylvan

Question Box

Ever wanted to ask a minister a question, but didn’t for one reason or another? Well, now’s your chance. There will be a Question Box out in the hall starting on April 1st. Write your questions down (anonymous or not) and on April 16th, Rev. … read more.

Easter Sunday – Flower Communion

Join us for an intergenerational Easter service where we will celebrate Rebirth in many different forms. This will also be our special Flower Communion Service Sunday so be sure to bring a flower. After the service, children are invited to participate in an Egg Hunt, … read more.

The Beauty Goodbye

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m terrible at goodbyes”? All transitions can be challenging, and transitions that involve the ending or changing of a relationship can be especially weighted. Saying goodbye can feel so difficult we may want to avoid it entirely. How can we … read more.

Climate Change in Mythical Time

We like to say we live in “unprecedented” times due to climate change, but the idea of humans affecting the earth on a large scale is nothing new. We see stories of the earth responding harshly to human overreach in many mythologies, legends, and parables. … read more.