Speaker: J. Sylvan

Into the Unknown

Whether it’s long-haired prophets from biblical times or modern statisticians and pollsters, we long for someone to tell us what’s going to happen next. But unforeseen (and unknown) variables can crash even the most well-researched predictions, and we are often caught off-guard and unprepared. How … read more.

We (Still) Need to Talk About White Supremacy

Our denomination faced a major reckoning with its own White Supremacy culture in 2017. Since then, much attention has been paid to dismantling it. Let’s take a look at how far we have and haven’t come, and where to go next.

Celebrating Beth Jordan

Our beloved Choir Director, Beth Jordan, is retiring after over 20 years of service. Join us in wishing her and her husband Steve “happy trails” as they set off on their next great adventure!

Going Backwards

Mainstream American society is highly goal oriented. What does that mean for us as a faith community, and us as religious individuals? How is our experience impacted when it feels like we aren’t making progress? Let’s explore together.

Flower Communion

Bring a flower from your garden, a field, or a shop to join in this year’s Flower Communion! Flower Communion is a cherished Unitarian Universalist tradition honoring the diversity of our beliefs and the beauty of spring. We will also be honoring our new members.

The Work of Our Rebirth

Easter is a holiday of hope, of renewal, and of springtime. In this intergenerational service, we will celebrate the many ways we and the world around us can be reborn. After service, we will have a fish-fry and egg-hunt outside!

This is My Body: Eating Mindfully

The way food is produced and delivered to us has changed dramatically in the past couple centuries. Even with current shortages, many of us experience a level of variety and abundance in our food options that would have been unthinkable in the past. But increased … read more.

War: It’s Complicated

As the dream of world peace once again seems to slip farther away, we can feel frustrated, small, powerless, and frightened. How do we make sense of a world which allows such cruel and unnecessary violence? Join J Sylvan for a meditation on the complex emotions … read more.