Speaker: J. Sylvan

The Sacredness of Chosen Family

December’s theme is Sacred Families, and we begin by celebrating the many types of chosen families that we experience in our lives. Whether it’s our church community, a network of friends, or unconventional kinship arrangements, family can be about so much more than blood. After … read more.

What to Do With All This Gratitude?

In its best incarnation, Thanksgiving is a holiday about gratitude. We give thanks for our blessings, be they copious or modest. Gratitude practice can be an antidote to the constant feelings of dissatisfaction that capitalism foments, but too often, we go right back into our … read more.

Who’s at the Table?

“All are welcome.” We love to add this phrase to invitations for our events, dinners, and worship services, but despite our best intentions, our communities don’t wind up expanding. Are we welcoming wrong? Let’s look at how we practice welcome, and how we might become … read more.

“Other” Witches

For generations, Western culture has affixed the label “witch” to people outside of the mainstream. This label has harmed many marginalized communities. Yet at the same time, being in the margins can lead to rich creativity and freedom. Join Minister J Sylvan as they look at … read more.

Good Witches

From The Wizard of Oz to Harry Potter, modern media has no shortage of Good Witch characters. But did you know that there is a Good Witch character in one of the oldest stories in the Bible? Join Minister J Sylvan in the is intergenerational service where we will … read more.

Bad Witches

October is Witches Month! We’re starting by looking at “bad” witches in our stories and in pop culture. What can we learn from the trope of the “bad witch?” Join Minister J Sylvan and let’s explore together

The Big Bang: The Scientific Creation Story

This September, we are looking at creation stories. We don’t tend to think of the Big Bang as a creation story, because we think of science as diametrically opposed to myth. But what if we looked at what we know about the beginnings of our … read more.

Water Communion

Our annual Water Communion services will be an all-ages celebration of the milestones of our individual life journeys and how our stories mix and mingle in beloved community. Please plan to bring some water with you to church on Sunday August 28 from a source … read more.