BAUUC is proud to be an active partner in the interfaith organization called Family Promise of Clear Creek. Family Promise of Clear Creek mobilizes the faith community to empower homeless families to achieve lasting independence. The program’s goal is to help transition families away from homelessness to permanent housing by providing a safe environment that includes shelter, meals and hospitality; by offering supportive services to aid in the search for employment and housing and by organizing congregations to reach out with compassion to our families in need. To learn more about Family Promise, see their website at

Because of the work of dozens of our church volunteers in 2017, 15 families received shelter and support services, including 19 adults and 37 children. BAUUC is one of 16 religious communities in southwest Houston participating in this program which is instrumental in successfully transitioning families in our community from homelessness to stability. To get involved, contact Rita D’Angelo or Terry Grim.

From Gayle Nelson, Executive Director of Family Promise of Clear Creek:
Below is a list of videos that will help prepare volunteers, both at host sites and in Day Centers, because whether you are sharing a meal or a life skill, your gift of time changes lives of children and their families experiencing homelessness. In these videos, you will hear from the GAC members who share their experience, as past guests, and from their current work with Affiliates. These interviews were filmed at our National Conference in 2019 as part of a project to document their stories. Because of the personal nature of the content, filming is set in a casual setting rather than a formal sound studio. As a result, you may notice that there are moments of variable sound quality which is why there are subtitles.

Each of the five (5) modules (plus the Introduction & Assessment) is between 5 and 8 minutes long. Please view each module then complete a brief assessment after viewing all modules. Each video covers a specific aspect of volunteer engagement. Family Promise of Clear Creek is considering this video series as the basic (Volunteer Training 1.0) training program for anyone interested in volunteering by engaging with our guest families. You are invited to review these videos as many times as you wish and request you continue your training each year with the Volunteer Training 2.0 series launched this year. (First class is in September with more details to come.)

Feel free to invite any and all to take this training! We would appreciate your feedback as we grow and develop our training programs.

Virtual Volunteer Training 1.0

1.       Introduction:

2.       Who Are You Preparing to Welcome?:

3.       Welcome!:

4.       Dinner: Setting the Table for Success:

5.       Parenting Perspectives: Raising Awareness, Creating Balance:

6.       Boundaries Build Beautiful Experiences:

7.       Assessment:

Stay safe and dry!

Gayle Nelson

Executive Director

Family Promise of Clear Creek