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Sanctuary and Renewal

A little bit of a State of the Union address! I reflect on our first year together, update the congregation on any developments at General Assembly, and look ahead to next year and beyond.

General Assembly Worship

Embrace the electrifying spirit of the year’s largest UU gathering, where we come together in unity for an awe-inspiring Sunday worship celebration like no other! It’s a vibrant, communal worship experience that promises to uplift your soul and ignite your passion. This will be a watch party at our usual time, so come and let … Continue reading General Assembly Worship

What It Means to Be Free

To persist, to resist, to demand one’s own freedom – Black Americans struggled for years before the Civil War and after to actually live freely. Juneteenth is both an affirmation of progress and an acknowledgement that the work is yet unfinished.

Y’all Means All

All of who we are is welcome in this place. All of who we are is sacred. We honor and affirm all that we are, as individuals and as a community. Let us celebrate our glorious profusion of identities and orientations together this Pride Sunday!

Transformed By Beauty

Over a century ago, Unitarian minister Norbert Čapek sought a ceremony to unite a congregation of varied religious beliefs. He developed the flower ceremony, or flower communion, to honor beauty, diversity, and the transformative power of community. Join us in a multigenerational service recreating his ceremony by bringing a flower to church for our community … Continue reading Transformed By Beauty

Memorial Day

Did you know that every year we auction a Sunday sermon? This year’s request was for a Memorial Day sermon, so watch this space as Rev. Katie develops a worship service in conversation with this year’s bidder.

Justice At Work

Millions of Americans want justice in the workplace, but what does that really look like? Industrial and Organizational Psychologist Ryan Ruffaner teaches the science of building justice into the heart of every organization, with actionable advice.

Bread and Roses

“Bread for all – and roses too.” A rallying cry for women and for labor, the slogan demands not only fair pay but also opportunities for joy and dignity. People of all genders still struggle today to put food on the table, let alone flowers. We are called to continue the work of both the … Continue reading Bread and Roses