Speaker: Rev. Bruce Beisner

The Summer of Love

50 years ago this summer, our nation and our world witnessed some major milestones that continue to shape our society today. A small uprising outside a New York City bar sparked the modern LGBTQ rights movement. The landing of Apollo 11 on the surface of … read more.

Father God

Much of western religion has traditionally personified the holy in masculine terms like “Lord” and “Father.” Other approaches to faith lift up the sacred feminine of “Mother Earth” and “Goddess.” Rev. Beisner will explore how changing approaches to the idea of gender might invite us … read more.

None Are Free Until All Are Free

The historic events that are known as “Juneteenth” happened in Galveston almost two years after the Emancipation Proclamation and 3 months after the end of the Civil War. Yet “Juneteenth” has become an annual holiday across the country because it marked the moment when the … read more.

Living Our Mission

In 2008, the members of our church voted to adopt a new mission statement: “We are here to change lives and to heal our world.” Since then we have done a lot of changing and promoted a lot of healing in the larger community. … read more.

Between Memory and Hope

As we prepare to move into the summer season, we will take time to pause and remember all those whose lives have inspired us and call us to the beloved work of healing our world. Our services on May 26 will include a time to … read more.

Bloomin’ with Blessings

Bring a flower from your garden, yard or local store with you to church on Sunday May 5 as we celebrate our annual Flower Communion during our services that day. In this traditional springtime Unitarian Universalist ritual, we will combine our flowers to create a beautiful … read more.

Getting Passed Over

As our Jewish neighbors end the observance of Passover and the re-telling of the Exodus story in which their ancestors were spared from the 10th plague in Egypt, we’ll examine how being overlooked can be a blessing at certain moments in our lives. We’ll also … read more.

The Reality of Resurrection

This year, Earth Day and Easter come to us on the very same weekend. We will take time of the morning of April 21 to honor both. Rev. Bruce Beisner will explore how the miraculous act of resurrection is not just a story from the … read more.

To Boldly Go!

The essence of any type of faith is the belief that something others call impossible can be made possible through our commitment and our dedication. We’ll remember the human accomplishments of our past that were once thought to be unachievable and name the bold … read more.