Rev. Bruce Beisner

Are We Fools to Believe?

This year the highest of Christian holidays and April Fool’s Day are the same day. Easter is all about having faith in the possibility of healing, renewal and reconciliation. In our modern world, are we foolish to still have hope in the power of love … read more.

What’s the World Trying to Tell Us?

As the Spring Equinox approaches, we’ll reflect on how our planet might inspire us to find balance and live more in harmony with the rhythms of nature. We’ll have a Share the Plate Offering to support the Armand Bayou Nature Center and an all-church lunch will … read more.

Face to Face

A traditional greeting in Hindu culture is to say “Namaste” which means “the God in me bows to the God within you.” If divinity resides in each of us, why is it so hard to see it and honor it sometimes?

Practice Makes Perfect

Unlike other religious traditions, Unitarian Universalism does not prescribe specific personal spiritual practices. We’ll explore how creating our own authentic prayers and rituals might help center us and connect us every day.

What Makes You Angry

Watching the news these days is enough to make anyone outraged. Anger is among our most basic and universal human emotions. How can we transform what can be a destructive and harmful emotion into a motivational force for change in the world?  The first step is to embrace … read more.

Changing Lives and Healing Our World

The Mission of our church, “changing lives and healing our world” sounds pretty simple in words, yet it’s incredibly complicated in practice. On this Stewardship Kick-Off Sunday, we’ll celebrate how the giving and receiving we do together in this community changes us and heals us a … read more.

Emerson vs. Zen

Much of Western religious tradition has been focused on the personal relationship to God while much of Eastern faith is centered on the larger collective nature of reality. What happens when Emerson’s individual search for meaning collides with Buddha’s teaching of “no-self”? Rev. Bruce will … read more.

What About Us?

A core principle in Unitarian Universalism is respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. This belief in the connections between all things makes everything a part of “us.” Rev. Bruce will explore the power of group identity to both unite … read more.

The Fudge Factor

Sunday, January 21 – There’s a lot of talk about lying these days and a whole lot of lying going on. It’s tempting to judge others for their untruths but psychologists say that lying is something every human being does. It’s just a part of … read more.

God is a Many Splendid Thing

Our church offers us the freedom to explore and understand big religious ideas like “God” in the ways that are most resonate for us and for our lives. Rev. Bruce will be joined by several members of the congregation who will share their personal perspectives … read more.