Together on the Journey – March 2018


Together on the Journey

Rev. Bruce Beisner

The great Unitarian leader William Ellery Channing said “May your life preach more loudly than your lips.” While I honor Mr. Channing, I have to say that I really like words. I often say that I would be a Liberal Quaker if I didn’t want to talk so much. Some of my favorite words are “We affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person” and “We affirm and promote justice, equity and compassion in human relations.” When I first became a Unitarian Universalist, hearing these principles spoken from the pulpit offered me hope, inspiration and a deep sense of belonging in a religious community which welcomed and supported my highest aspirations.

Our way of being religious together is informed by the understanding that our faith is more than just theological concepts or doctrinal rules and rituals. To be authentic and transforming, our beliefs must be expressed in the way we live our lives. “Justice, equity and compassion” are words that only have meaning when they stop being abstract ideas and become a call to show up, speak out and witness them with our actions.

Over the past few years, BAUUC has increasingly become a community that is answering that call to love and is eager to raise our voice for justice and compassion. Sometimes this takes the form of a bunch of us going out into the streets with handmade signs expressing our support for our Muslim neighbors or our Transgender neighbors. Sometimes this means being present in a spirit of solidarity at events like the March for Black Women or the National Alliance on Mental Illness Walk. Sometimes this is a gathering in Cockrell Hall to explore the dynamics of racism or a gathering in our sanctuary to hear a speaker on foreign policy. Other times, it’s volunteers serving meals at Webster Presbyterian Church as part of the Family Promise program.

We are constantly involved in the holy work of healing ourselves and our world. At times, these opportunities present themselves and it’s just a matter of us showing up together. At other times, we have to create the opportunities to use of voice of good in our local community. If you have ideas for public witness actions or know of community events you think BAUUC might get involved in, we want to hear them.

It can be tempting to get discouraged these days about the state of our world. But remember, you are part of a church that is a powerful force for love, respect and compassion. And we’re making a difference together.