Speaker: Rev. Bruce Beisner

Waiting for God

Our friends in the United Church of Christ like to say “God is still speaking.” But at times, what is most holy and sacred in life seems not to be saying much. When those awe-inspiring revelations and truths are few and far between, we … read more.

Why Be Good?

Living by our UU principles means striving to always act with respect, generosity and compassion. But how often do we stop to really think about WHY we should be respectful, generous and compassionate? Is it because we believe some higher power directs us to? … read more.

You’re Welcome

Much attention is paid each November to the need for cultivating a grateful heart. There are moments when being thankful comes easily and others when it can be hard to be appreciative. For many of us, an even greater struggle can be accepting the gratitude … read more.

Revelation is…

As our Muslim neighbors observe Mawlid al-Nabi, the birthday of their Prophet, we will honor the people in Unitarian Universalist history who have served to lead our tradition towards new understandings. Our ever-evolving religion is the product of great thinkers and daring activists throughout the … read more.

A Celebration of Service

At our church, religion is not a spectator sport. Our search for truth and meaning comes alive when we share life together. On this Sunday of our big, day-long “Services Auction” fundraiser, we will be engaging in the holy work of offering some of our … read more.

Many Paths Up Many Mountains

It is often said that Unitarians believe in “one god” and that we see the world’s many religious traditions as all describing different aspects of the same Ultimate Reality. But do monotheistic ideas about God and Buddhist philosophical teachings really express the same thing? What … read more.

America vs. Roe vs. Wade

In the 46 years since the US Supreme Court ruled to protect a women’s right to choose, abortion has become one of the most emotion issues dividing Americans. Recent years have seen strident efforts to limit access to reproductive clinics in many states and the … read more.

Kindness is Everything

There’s a popular UU bumper sticker that says “Kindness is my religion.” We often think of being kind as simply being considerate and friendly towards others. Is there a difference between being nice and being kind? When forces of fear and division threaten us, does … read more.

What it Takes

It seems that every week we hear the news of another assault on the dignity, safety and humanity of some among us. We respond with outrage on social media and show up at the occasional public protest, but rarely are we able to do much … read more.

Like a Mighty Stream

Our annual Water Communion services will be an all-ages celebration of the milestones of our individual life journeys and how our stories mix and mingle in beloved community. Please plan to bring some water with you to church on Sunday September 8 from a source that has spiritual … read more.