Speaker: Rev. Bruce Beisner

The Greater Wholeness

Unitarianism began with the affirmation that “God is one.” And many of us still think of the diverse religions of the world as simply being about different expressions of the same source of creation and goodness. But what if we are all actually worshipping … read more.

From You I Receive, To You I Give

Unitarian Universalism teaches us that our lives are interconnected. We all have a responsibility to care for others and help heal the world. We all also have times when we need care and healing and rely on those around us. As we kick-off our … read more.

Change of Heart

We often think of learning and growing as an ongoing process of adding additional information to what we already know. But the deepest and most profound learning we do comes out of moments when something or someone challenges our assumptions and compels us to … read more.

It’s About Race (and So Much More!)

We live amongst societal systems that perpetuate attitudes about racial identity that create injustice. These often unspoken attitudes have a “trickle-down effect” and impact the ways our communities approach everything from gender identity to reproductive justice to economic inequality. Understanding these intersections is essential in … read more.

Move Your Feet, Lose Your Seat

Is there enough room for everyone? Is there enough love for everyone? Is there enough money to make sure everyone has healthcare, safety and education? Rev. Bruce will explore how our perspectives of scarcity and abundance influence our beliefs about social justice, fairness and … read more.

It’s About Time

As we mark the coming of another new year, we will explore how the human concept of time shapes our lives and our spirituality. Being surrounded by clocks and calendars may keep us on schedule but it makes living in the moment an ongoing … read more.

For the Earth Forever Turning

The darkest week of the year reminds us of our connections to the changing of the seasons and the movements of the Universe around us. How might our commitments to respect all that lives and to address climate change be strengthened by becoming more … read more.

Waiting for God

Our friends in the United Church of Christ like to say “God is still speaking.” But at times, what is most holy and sacred in life seems not to be saying much. When those awe-inspiring revelations and truths are few and far between, we … read more.