Speaker: Rev. Bruce Beisner

In Trust We Trust

It has been said that “faith” is putting our trust in things we believe can be. When our leaders and our life experiences let us down, where do we turn? In what and whom do we place our trust during these uncertain and precarious times? … read more.

Miracles of Light

As our Jewish neighbors celebrate Hanukkah and we prepare ourselves for the coming of the Winter Solstice and Christmas, we will explore what brings the light of hope and love into our lives and keeps the fire of spirit burning within. 


We are taught to be thankful for good things and not for bad things. But what might happen if we adopted an attitude of simple awe and wonder at the miracle of life itself? As Thanksgiving 2020 approaches, we’ll reflect together on this past year … read more.

The Safe and Sacred Spaces of Our Lives

With the stresses and hardships of our everyday lives, finding moments when we can feel peaceful and calm is essential. We’ll explore when and how we are creating time to center our spirits, relax our minds, and refill our hearts. Our service on November 15 … read more.

God is the Process Not the Outcome

Henry Nelson Wieman, Charles Hawthorne and other Process Theologians taught that we are co-creators with God. Rev. Bruce Beisner will offer us a message about finding the holiness is our coming together to work for justice and compassion, even when we are unsure of the … read more.

Holding Our Breath

As we prepare for the coming of Election Day, we will explore our need for certainty and the challenges of living in a state of anticipation. We will reaffirm our calling to protect each other and those at risk, speak out for fairness and justice, … read more.

They Are With Us Still

The annual observances of Samhain, Day of the Dead, and All Souls Day are times when people of diverse cultures and religious perspectives have chosen to honor the presence of their ancestors and those who have died. In this year of pandemic and unprecedented divisions, … read more.

Stand By This Faith

What is it within Unitarian Universalism that can offer us the strength, courage and fortitude to stay hopeful and committed to creating a better society for ourselves and others? Perhaps it’s our unflinching affirmation that all life is connected and that every person deserves respect and … read more.

Sharing Hope in Houston

Our minister will be joined by several church members for this special video service. Hear from others what is bringing them hope amid all the challenges, losses, and hardships of 2020. Our Choir will offer us musical inspiration and we’ll share stories, songs and time … read more.

Defending Our Democracy

Abraham Lincoln declared “Let is have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us dare to do our duty as we understand it.” As Election Day nears, we will explore how Unitarian Universalism calls us to protect and participate in the democratic … read more.