Speaker: Rev. Bruce Beisner

Growing Pains

In Unitarian Universalism, we celebrate spiritual growth and seek out opportunities to learn and deepen our understandings of life. Often making way for new ideas and ways of living involves the painful process of letting go of certainties and things we cherish. Rev. Bruce will … read more.

For the Long Haul

Whether it is combating the threats of climate change, coronavirus or racial violence, our Unitarian Universalist values call us to be actively engaged. Much of the change we so badly yearn to see requires long-term commitments. What resources and inspiration do we need to stay … read more.

Honoring What’s Hurtful and What’s Beautiful

Our minister, Rev. Bruce Beisner, will be joined by several church members to share personal reflections about their struggles and their hopes as we live through this pandemic together. Our video service on June 7 will include surprising music, a delightful Story, and lots of … read more.

The Healing Power of Smiles

In these isolating and difficult times, seeing the smiling faces of others is truly a blessing. We’ll celebrate all the parts of life that lift our spirits and enjoy rituals, readings, inspirational words, music and songs together.  The link to this video service will … read more.

Celebrating Our Children and Youth

Our children and youth will join Bruce and Tamar by video for this delightful service highlighting all the things our young people have been exploring and learning about together in their Religious Education classes this past year. We’ll have some great music from BAUUC families and … read more.

God and Beauty Between Us

Unitarian Universalists have lots of different definitions for God. Rev. Bruce often says that God is that mysterious force that draws us toward one another in a spirit of love and compassion. In these times of physical distancing, we are staying apart out of a … read more.

Energized by Empathy

Video service with link posted at 11:00am We are each having our own experience of this pandemic. For some it is a tragic time of loss. For others it is a time of inactivity and for others too much activity. Our UU faith teaches … read more.

Home Sweet Home

Video service with link posted at 11:00am. Our service on this Sunday after Earth Day will focus on the sacredness of our connections to this Earth we all call our home. We’ll reflect on the spirituality and practicality of being grounded in our experiences of nature … read more.

No Matter What

The coming of Easter means different things to different people, particularly in a diverse faith community like our church. But perhaps now is a good time to focus on the universal messages of hope, new life and overcoming overwhelming challenges found in the age-old story … read more.

What Matters Most

As our daily lives are impacted by this pandemic, now is a time when many of us are reflecting on what matters most in life. What do we need most? What do we count on most? What really creates connection in life? Rev. Bruce … read more.