Speaker: Rev. Bruce Beisner

Knowing Ourselves

The Buddha taught that looking inward and becoming at peace with the thoughts and desires of our minds is the key to living a harmonious and compassionate life. How can time apart from others be used to cultivate this greater awareness? How does a religious … read more.

It’s ALL Holy Ground

Our BAUUC congregation has committed to taking major steps to address the climate crisis and our members and leaders are working on innovative and effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint. As Earth Day 2021 approaches, Rev. Bruce Beisner will reflect on the deeply held … read more.

Change is Gonna Come

As religious people, we embrace evolution and know that our beliefs will grow and change over time. But some changes are unexpected. Some feel welcome and others not so much. Some changes come too soon, while others take too long. As the spring season sets in, … read more.

Together At Last

Live In-Person Outdoor Services at 9:00am and 11:00am (weather permitting)

On Easter Sunday, your BAUUC community is planning to hold our first in-person services in over a year. We hope you will join us outside on the front lawn of the church for this extra special … read more.

Liberation is a Journey We Take Together

Our service on March 28 will be presented LIVE on Zoom. Join us for wonderful music, your favorite UU rituals, a time to honor those in our hearts, and an inspirational message from Rev. Bruce Beisner about the history and meaning of Passover. The link to this … read more.

What a Difference a Year Can Make

As we approach the one year anniversary of moving to online services because of the pandemic and begin our annual Stewardship drive, we will reflect on some of the many many ways our church community has remained resilient, relevant and connected amid changes, hardships and … read more.

Ours is No Caravan of Despair

Our church sign along El Camino Real has been proudly proclaiming that we “Celebrate Humanity and Diversity of Beliefs.” Rev. Beisner will share a message about the history of Religious Humanism and how our faith in one another and in our ability to create a … read more.

Courage is Fear That Has Said Its Prayers

Our service on February 21 will include some beautiful music from our BAUUC Church Choir, great stories, songs, inspiration readings and engaging rituals. Rev. Bruce Beisner will offer us a sermon message about being emotionally and spiritually prepared for the challenging moments of our lives.

God is Love and…

We say “Love is the doctrine of this church” and pray to the “Spirit of Love.” If God is love, then where is the holy in those parts of our lives that don’t feel so loving? On this Valentine’s Day, we will consider and explore … read more.

Stubbornly Optimistic

What are the differences between faith, optimism and hope? In the face of an ever-growing pandemic, widespread financial hardship, a global climate crisis, and deep social divisions, is it naive and unwise to continue to believe in the goodness of others and that the future … read more.