Speaker: Rev. Bruce Beisner

Enemy of the State

What happens when the societal structures around us become a threat to our well-being? Many people all over the world live every day with governments and authorities that are hostile to their freedoms. Is this what is happening to us here? It depends on your … read more.

Take A Liberal to Church

During a time of crisis, one UU woman unexpectedly found herself in a healing circle at an Evangelical megachurch. Unitarian Universalists are caring people, but our strong suit is often cerebral rationality rather than emotion. BAUUC member Catherine Vance will share with us what she learned … read more.

For Heaven’s Sake!

Some religions are about getting people into heaven. It is often said that Unitarian Universalism is about “getting heaven into people.” We rarely talk about the afterlife and are more focused on the here and now. But what does our tradition teach us about … read more.

It’s Not Easy Going Green

As the effects of our Climate Crisis continue to accelerate, now is the time for meaningful action. Our UU values call us to live in harmony with our Earth and to promote sustainable living. Rev. Bruce Beisner will lead us in imagining our church … read more.

The Power of UU

BAUUC is a place where we bring our passions, our hopes and our aspirations and help each other to make them into reality. Our services on March 1 will be for all ages and will include great music from our Choir and personal reflections … read more.

The Greater Wholeness

Unitarianism began with the affirmation that “God is one.” And many of us still think of the diverse religions of the world as simply being about different expressions of the same source of creation and goodness. But what if we are all actually worshipping … read more.

From You I Receive, To You I Give

Unitarian Universalism teaches us that our lives are interconnected. We all have a responsibility to care for others and help heal the world. We all also have times when we need care and healing and rely on those around us. As we kick-off our … read more.

Change of Heart

We often think of learning and growing as an ongoing process of adding additional information to what we already know. But the deepest and most profound learning we do comes out of moments when something or someone challenges our assumptions and compels us to … read more.

It’s About Race (and So Much More!)

We live amongst societal systems that perpetuate attitudes about racial identity that create injustice. These often unspoken attitudes have a “trickle-down effect” and impact the ways our communities approach everything from gender identity to reproductive justice to economic inequality. Understanding these intersections is essential in … read more.

Move Your Feet, Lose Your Seat

Is there enough room for everyone? Is there enough love for everyone? Is there enough money to make sure everyone has healthcare, safety and education? Rev. Bruce will explore how our perspectives of scarcity and abundance influence our beliefs about social justice, fairness and … read more.