Speaker: Johnny Peden

Happy Hanukkah–or not?

Prior to graduating from college (B. A.) and seminary (M. Div.), Johnny preached his first sermons and performed weddings, memorials, and funeral services. Since then he officiated several hundred weddings in the greater Houston-Galveston area. Two years ago, he was voted the #1 Wedding Officiant … read more.

Worth & Dignity

How does our first Unitarian Universalist principle guide our beliefs about ourselves and our relationships with other people? What does affirming “respect for the worth and dignity of every person” look like and feel like in real life? BAUUC member Johnny Peden is a former Baptist … read more.

Judge Not

Unitarian Universalism teaches us to try to have respect for different ideas, beliefs and ways of thinking. We’re a religion of affirmation rather than condemnation. But are there limits to what we can accept and affirm? How do we learn to judge actions and not … read more.