Speaker: Dr. Tamar Wasoian

For the Love of Learning

Mid August is the time for our families to get focused on formal education. But as John Lubbock says, “If we succeed in giving the love of learning, the learning itself is sure to follow.” This service will be dedicated to the love of learning regardless of … read more.

Celebrating Our Children and Youth

Our children and youth will join Bruce and Tamar by video for this delightful service highlighting all the things our young people have been exploring and learning about together in their Religious Education classes this past year. We’ll have some great music from BAUUC families and … read more.

What a Difference a Word Can Make

A word can name an experience or settle a conflict. But what if such a descriptive word does not exist? How do we name our pain and joy then, let alone expect the world to name it with us? Such is the Armenian experience … read more.

A Celebration of Service

At our church, religion is not a spectator sport. Our search for truth and meaning comes alive when we share life together. On this Sunday of our big, day-long “Services Auction” fundraiser, we will be engaging in the holy work of offering some of our … read more.

She is Listening

We all need compasses to direct us to what is noble and moral in life. Our Director of Lifespan Religious Education Tamar Wasoian will offer us a reflection on family stories and how her mother is a moral compass for her. How does knowing that … read more.