Speaker: Alok Kalia MD

Our Faith

Every Sunday we gather to restate our beliefs, reaffirm our covenant and, of course, to worship. But who or what do we worship? The bedrock of most religions is a unified belief in the divine, whoever or whatever their divine might be. We don’t do that. Our … read more.

Unitarian Universalism: A Religion for Our Times

As Unitarian Universalists living in a world full of anguish and acrimony, it is helpful to periodically step back and review our roots and our truths. Alok Kalia, MD is a long-time member of BAUUC. Dr. Kalia is a retired professor from UTMB, Galveston and … read more.

The UU Mind

As Unitarian Universalists, we have no creed and no shared vision of a mysterious God. Yet every Sunday we gather in our churches and fellowship halls. Why do we keep coming back, week after week and year after year? What are we striving for? … read more.