The BAUUC Board of Directors has approved a project to install solar panels on our roof, making steps towards our mission to “change lives and heal our world.”  Watch this video about the project!

Click here for Solar Panel Video



Fundraising is underway!  The project will cost about $100,000, and we already have about $70,000 in pledges on the books!  Click on this link if you would like to pledge:  Pledge Here 
Do you know somebody who is having a birthday soon and would approve of solar panels?  On the pledge form you have the option to give in honor of another person.  Honored individuals will immediately be notified of the donation.
To make a payment towards this project: 
  • Mail a check with Solar Panels in the memo line to:
    • BAUUC, 17503 El Camino Real, Houston TX 77058. 
  • Or pay via Paypal or credit card:  Make a Payment.   
  • Or text GIVE to 832-299-5839. 

With the near unanimous passage of the Response to the Global Climate Emergency Resolution by our congregation in March 2020, Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church (BAUUC) committed to “make every effort possible to respond to this Climate Emergency.” Since then the Climate Crisis Task Force has been examining practical options to reduce our contribution to the unprecedented global release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

A plan has been devised which will allow BAUUC to achieve net-zero carbon emission over the next ten years. Because the church building is an all electric facility, the plan is very straight forward. The recommendation is to produce 70% of the needed electrical power by purchasing and installing solar panels on the roof. The remaining 30% of the needed electrical power will be eliminated by conservation measures. This can be accomplished over the next ten years by replacing failed and obsolete equipment with energy efficient equipment. This plan will allow BAUUC to prevent the release of 30 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and every year into the future.

In addition to mitigating global warming, installing solar panels is an economic solution. In many cases, electrical power from solar panels is cheaper than the retail price of electrical power from utility companies. By spending funds now to install solar panels, the church will reduce its electrical bill and shield itself from future electrical rate increases. We are not alone with this effort. There are at least 150 UU congregations across the country that already obtain some or all of their electrical power from photovoltaic panels. Presently, there is no church in Houston which utilizes solar panels. BAUUC would be the first in Houston, setting an example for others and demonstrating our UU value of respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

The church spends about $12,000 a year to pay for the electricity it consumes. We will need to purchase 115 panels at a cost of $100,000 to meet 70% of our consumption. This is a significant fraction of the church’s annual budget. Due to the pandemic and the uncertain economic future, the Church Board with the recommendation of the Financial Ministry Team believes the most responsible way to raise the needed funds is to request pledges from church members which will be used specifically for the purpose of installing solar panels.

Thank you for your time and generosity!  Together we CAN heal our world!  
Contact Wally Calaway at or Claire Zimmerman at for further information.