Wednesday Night Discussions Times of Yearning, Practices of Faith


In this session we will be exploring ‘practices’ in general and will be reflecting on how everyday and common practices we engage in in our daily lives can become practices of spirituality and change. Practices are things we do together over time in response to and in the light of our appreciation of the Transcendent values we hold for life in this world.

These sessions are based on Practicing Our Faith book edited by Dorothy C. Bass.  This book offers reflection on practices of faith as a way of connecting faith with our everyday and opens a path of spiritual formation. It will inspire you by offering stories from various traditions that run counter to some of our practices today. We will be having conversations together that will spread to many contexts, each of which presents unique opportunities for noticing, discussing, and living the practices of faith. Our Director of Lifespan Religious Education Dr. Tamar Wasoian invites you to join her on Wednesdays February 12,  at 7:00pm in the church library for a three-part discussion about: Times of Yearning, Honoring the Body and Hospitality.