Diversity Book Group


The Diversity Book Group will meet on April 15th from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.  The next book is ‘The Class of ’65’ by Jim Auchmutey. More about that in a later email, but you can look it up on Amazon etc. This is the fourth and last book in the ‘H’ group on the spreadsheet, and will be the 28th book the group has discussed. Wow!

At the upcoming meeting we’ll nominate books and vote on the next three or four we would like to read and discuss.

We need some more book prereaders, who can nominate books they have read and would recommend. I have just spent an interesting time adding many more promising books to our spreadsheet.  Please take a look at this amazing spread of books and pick at least one to pre-read before April 15. Of course, you may have another book in mind, and that’s fine too. Remember our emphasis on personal stories of diversity in America, and pick books that are memoirs, biographies, or contain personal stories.