BAUUC Board Happenings – August 2022

The August board meeting mostly centered on the theme of what it means to be a truly welcoming congregation, and of course, finances. Claire Zimmerman gave a brief and helpful tutorial on our financial documents. This board has expertise on finance matters because we have our past treasurer Raj Kalia, current treasurer Jackie Grupa, and a Finance Ministry Team member Mike Hibbetts, on the board.
The COVID effect on our fundraising income impacted our operating budget in part because we had no/limited garage sales. Thankfully, a team of volunteers led by Janet Ward is working on plans to resume the sale.
We welcomed our minister, J Sylvan, back from their summer work and vacation. J made us aware of a course from Meadville Lombard Theological School called Beloved Conversations and invited board members and anyone interested to check it out.  Also along the theme of a welcoming congregation, the board discussed providing welcoming, safe and private bathroom facilities and to explore adding entry door locks with occupied/vacant indicators to the gender neutral bathrooms near Cockrell Hall. The bathrooms nearer the kitchen remain gender specific, as is.
And among the action items: Jim Elder will be the board’s representative on the Search Committee’s contract negotiation team and the board also considered some policy matters. The September 11 congregational meeting agenda will be emailed out early next month. And a date was set for a board retreat which will use some excellent resource material developed by the UUA Southern Region (and our own Kathy Charles).
Looking forward to resuming the full church calendar in September.