Blessing of the Animals

We’ll celebrate our furry, feathered and scaly companions, honoring how their presence enriches our lives and offering our blessings to their lives. Plan to bring your family pet(s) with you to church for this extra special worship service for all ages and all species in … read more.

The Local Forecast

We’ll explore the spiritual disciplines of finding deeper connections to what’s happening right around us in the here and now. Religion, justice and compassion begin at home and in our local communities yet we often look for them elsewhere.

Like a Mighty Stream

Our annual Water Communion services will be an all-ages celebration of the milestones of our individual life journeys and how our stories mix and mingle in beloved community. Please plan to bring some water with you to church on Sunday September 8 from a source that has spiritual … read more.

What it Takes

It seems that every week we hear the news of another assault on the dignity, safety and humanity of some among us. We respond with outrage on social media and show up at the occasional public protest, but rarely are we able to do much … read more.

A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage

The history of the place we call home is inextricably linked to the history of Mexican and Hispanic people. We will welcome guest speakers from the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans who will share stories and experiences that have shaped our communities, city, … read more.

Kindness is Everything

There’s a popular UU bumper sticker that says “Kindness is my religion.” We often think of being kind as simply being considerate and friendly towards others. Is there a difference between being nice and being kind? When forces of fear and division threaten us, does … read more.