Why Our Beliefs Matter

There are many diverse ways to imagine the idea of a God. For some, God is a supernatural being with personality traits such as love and anger. For others, God is the creative force found in nature and all living things. For others, God is … read more.

Blessing of the Animals

We’ll celebrate our furry, feathered and scaly companions, honoring how their presence enriches our lives and offering our blessings to their lives. Plan to bring your family pet(s) with you to church on Sunday August 19 for these extra special worship services for all ages and all … read more.

What a Year It’s Been

In late August of 2017, we were all reminded of the power and unpredictability of nature as Hurricane Harvey brought massive flooding across our area. A year later, we’ll reflect on the downside of our attempts to dominate Mother Nature rather than living in harmony … read more.