Speaker: Rev. Bruce Beisner

The Storytellers

The stories we tell about our history, our culture, our religion and our planet inform the way we understand ourselves. They remind us of what sustains us and inspires us most. Our services on March 31 will be for all ages and will feature some … read more.

Practically Praying

The traditional definition of prayer is that it is a practice which connects us with the holy and the transcendent. Such practice takes many forms within the world’s diverse religious traditions and is teachings about how and when and why to pray are passed down … read more.

Joy in the Journey

We live in times when we all seem to be stressed, worried and divided. Finding a little joy in the simple gifts of life and creating a space to celebrate the awe and wonder we feel is vital to surviving and thriving spiritually. Rev. Bruce … read more.

Celebrating Our Freedom, Power and Responsibility

Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman learned that “with great power comes great responsibility.” In our beloved church community, we are blessed to be free to create worship, education and outreach which connects to our passions and the needs of the world right now. Our ministries are … read more.

The Worth and Dignity of Fire Ants

Our UU principles may seem at times to be simple affirmations of values that are pretty universal. But when we actually try to fully have “respect for the worth and dignity of all people” and live each day honoring “the interdependent web of all existence” … read more.

The UU Heart

Love is at the heart of our Unitarian Universalist tradition. But often we experience our faith and our principles as abstract concepts and aspirations that exist beyond our every day realities. How do we connect what we believe to our personal experiences? How do we … read more.

Justice is Not Black and White

We know that racial justice is about the “racial conditioning” and the insidious and often implicit attitudes about race we all carry forward from our history. But we often want to make it about white people and People of Color. On this Sunday before Martin … read more.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Services at 5:30pm and 7:00pm

The coming of Christmas means carols, readings, stories and wonderful music from our Choir. Our Christmas Eve services this year will be on Monday night December 24 at 5:30pm and 7:00pm.  Bring your family and friends and join us in honoring … read more.

Looking Back and Looking Forward

The coming of a New Year offers us the opportunity to reflect on the past, how it has shaped us, and the need to learn from our missteps and regrets. It is also an opportunity to reaffirm our shared aspirations for what might and can … read more.

Celebrating Other People’s Holidays

From mid-November and mid-January, there are over 29 different holidays celebrated by people of diverse religions and cultures around the world. From Christmas and Solstice to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, there are so many amazing stories and traditions from which to find meaning and direction. Rev. Bruce will explore how … read more.