Rev. Bruce Beisner

Blessing of the Animals

We’ll celebrate our furry, feathered and scaly companions, honoring how their presence enriches our lives and offering our blessings to their lives. Plan to bring your family pet(s) with you to church on Sunday August 19 for these extra special worship services for all ages and all … read more.

Why Our Beliefs Matter

There are many diverse ways to imagine the idea of a God. For some, God is a supernatural being with personality traits such as love and anger. For others, God is the creative force found in nature and all living things. For others, God is … read more.

The Night of Power

At sundown on June 10, Muslims around the world will observe “Laylat Al Qadr” or the Night of Power.  This most holy of religious observances commemorates the night that the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet (PBUH). We’ll explore the meaning of this sacred book … read more.

The 8th Promise

When we teach our children about our UU Principles, we call them “the 8 Promises.” There is a movement within many of our churches to become more intentional about our commitment to address our ideas about racial identity and the systems of oppression linked to … read more.

Religious Education Sunday

Our children and youth will join Patti and Bruce for this special multi-generational worship service highlighting all things religious education, including a Bridging Ceremony for our graduating seniors, recognition of our volunteer teachers, and some special music from the Clear Creek Girls. Our Spring  Congregational Meeting and Elections will … read more.

The Radical Idea of Karma

The Buddha was one of the most revolutionary thinkers in human history. 2,400 years ago, he imagined a new approach to the idea of destiny. The Buddha believed that our future happiness was not determined by participation in elaborate religious rituals but by our own … read more.

In Joy and in Sorrow

We hear a lot these days about how “thoughts and prayers” are no longer a good enough response to the suffering and challenges of others.  How do we move beyond simply “holding others in our hearts” and begin to take action to offer real care, protection … read more.

Haven’t I Heard This Sermon Before

Each week, our worship services seem to focus on a different perspective on theology or a different social justice issue. But behind all these many diverse ideas and interests, is there a central core message that our UU faith has for us and for our … read more.

Beauty Abounds!

On this Earth Day, we will celebrate the the growth we see and experience all around us and within us. Please plan to bring a flower from your garden or local florist with you to church to share as part of our annual “Flower Communion” … read more.