Raphael Mills-Warner

What’s Next? The Future of Our UU Faith

On his final Sunday in our pulpit, our Student Minister Raphael Mills Warner will share with us some of his reflections on the opportunities and challenges facing our liberal faith tradition as we move into the future. What will the next generation of Unitarian Universalists … read more.

“Troubled and Sacred Waters: Exploring Mental Wellness”

As we prepare to participate in the National Alliance on Mental Illness Walk, we turn our thoughts to mental health. Join us on Sunday April 29th as our student minister, Raphael Mills Warner, explores the stigmas, realities, challenges, and spiritual dimensions of mental health.

Triumph and Sacrifice

This Sunday, we stand on the brink of two major Abrahamic holidays, the Jewish Passover and the Christian Holy Week. Using these stories, our student minister will examine the consequences of challenging unjust power structures and the struggle for liberation.

Beyond Binaries

Often the world is presented to us in binaries: good and evil, light and dark, black and white, male and female, old and new. Join us for worship as our Student Minister leads us in exploring spectrums and nuances in a world of binaries.