Nine Waves Druid Group May Day Celebration


BAUUC is pleased to offer meeting space to the Nine Waves Grove, a local Neo-pagan Druid group belonging to ÁrnDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). The group gathers each Friday night at 7:30pm in the church library for ritual and discussion. In addition, the Nine Waves Group invites everyone to join them for a very special May Day Celebration Ritual on Saturday April 28 starting at 3:30pm on the back lawn of the church. This event will include the ordination of group member as the first ordained ADF priest in Texas – a process that takes several years to complete. Following the ritual of April 28, there will be a potluck dinner in Cockrell Hall. Anyone who wishes to attend in a spirit of sharing and hospitality is welcome, regardless of personal beliefs.